Zero Waste Foundation and Primus join for Interclean Vakbeurs

Kim Wester | Oostzaan. May 25, 2018

IMG_1417 (002).jpg

Primus is proud to be a partner of the Zero Waste Foundation. During the Interclean Vakbeurs in Amsterdam we have supported the Zero Waste Foundation with our flyers.

Our traditional way of producing and consuming is under pressure. Zero Waste Foundation enables the society to make the switch to a circular way of producing by organizing business processes in a smarter and more sustainable way. Primus is proud to partner with the Zero Waste Foundation and supports its “anatomy of the garbage bag” and out of the box methodology as practiced by this platform with experts from various practices. As a sign of Primus’ commitment to a sustainable future, Primus Wafer Paper has donated edible and biodegradable flyers to promote the Zero Waste Foundation at the Interclean Vakbeurs in the Amsterdam RAI. According to Richard van Batenburg of the Zero Waste Foundation these flyers were instrumental to engage with many visitors at the show.