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Primus has developed a unique production process for edible wafer paper. Combining starch science, roll drying technology and 100 year of wafer paper insights, Primus produces well over a million kilograms of wafer paper per year.

The process

Production-Block-1A.jpg Wafer paper dough

The blending room

Where it
all starts

This is the place where we carefully select, weigh, dose and blend our natural ingredients. We maintain many recipes and all orders are produced “to order” to guarantee product quality and traceability. Each year we produce 6 million liters of liquid dough to feed our production system that runs 24/7.

Our standard

Quality policy
and certificates

Our internal quality assurance department plays a pivotal role throughout our organization.

Rolldryer top yellow dough Rolldryer green wafer paper

mixing and cooking

Our rolldrying

When the dough is ready we further mix and cook it on top of our roll dryers where it is then dried at high temperatures in between our rollers. In distance our annual production of wafer rolls could civer the entire distance between Amsterdam and Beijing. When it is airdryed the wafer product is rolled up or cut into sheets.

Wafer paper printer with edible ink


Printing with
edible ink

We only print with edible ink and can do so with offset, digital printing and screen printing. In case you think that it smells like chocolate in our printer room then you are right, we print with cacao!


The finish line


Since 2017, Primus is a proud partner of Valuepack. Valuepack is an established Contract Packaging Organisation and supplier of high quality packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Today, the company has two production plants in Europe, in the Netherlands and Poland that are both ISO 22000, ISO 13485 Certified, GMP licenced and FDA registered. With two facilities centrally located in Europe, Valuepack is well-respected Internationally.

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