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Because wafer paper rises naturally along with the dough in the oven it is the preferred choice for industrial bakers. But it does not stop there. Wafer paper is traditionally used for preparation of tasty confectionary products such as coconut macaroons, nougat and calissons. The unique property of Primus wafer paper is that we produce it on rolls which allows usage for continuous industrial processing.

Wafer paper on confectionary product
Cookies with pink lining Coconut macaroons

coconut macaroons

a treat that
everybody knows

Who does not know about cocos macroons? Wafer paper as "carrier" of an entire category. Primus provides wafer paper on rolls for the industry as well as in sheets for the craft segment.

"We are in business with Primus Ouwel for various generations now and are excited about the new branding opportunities that Primus is developing"


Matthias Haeck - Chief nougat lover, Vital
Paul Berndsen Logo Correct1


Paul Berntsen is owner of a famous Dutch bakery in Didam and was elected ‘Champion Baker of the Netherlands’. Paul has been using Primus wafer paper labels for many years.

Calissons with wafer paper


the Jewel of
the Provence

If it is good enough for the jewel of the Provence…  We think that wafer paper will work for your application as well. 




The thinnest and most flexible available, ready for industrial use as edible baking paper. Find out more in our rolls leaflet.

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