Next generation wafer paper. Better, cleaner and more flexible.

Nadine van Gent | Oostzaan. August 11, 2021

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Since 1916 Primus is the market leader in wafer paper. Since then we have come a long way. Over the last couple of years we have set ourselves the target to develop the next generation wafer paper. It has taken us longer then expected but since spring 2021 we finally made a significant U-turn in our factory.

We make our product now free from any chemical processing aids, we no longer recirculate cutting losses into our product stream and we do so in an environment where critical parameters such as humidity and temperature are continuously managed. This provides us with a wafer paper that is more flexible and cleaner then it has ever been. While the output in increased with 20%. This milestone is the result of perseverance, creativity and starch science. But above all, of making choices and teamwork.

We believe that we have made this turnaround simply because we have involved all our colleagues (and not just a special task team) as it are our own operators that are in the end the ones who need to take care that our improved processes work day and night. A special shout-out goes to Koos Slor from Rolls Technology, our starch professor, without whom we could never have made this step. We are glad with our technology partnership with Rolls Technology and optimistic that this is just the start of a bright collaboration.

Our strategy is to nurture the fact that our wafer paper is super bio-degradable and develop more applications for eco-friendly packaging and branding. To say so, our wafer paper is incredible bio-degredible!

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