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Long time partners

We value our customers and are very proud of our long time partners. Read more about our long term partners and their stories. 

Paul Berntsen

Paul Berntsen comes from a real bakery family. He belongs to the fifth generation of bakers in this family. In 1992, he opened his own bakery on the Kerkstraat in Didam.

Paul Berntsen


Bread Dewinkel

Paul Berntsen

Pure craftsmanship
since 1992

He rapidly became the best-known baker in the region and was elected ‘Champion baker of the Netherlands’. His passion: baking traditional bread, but in a modern way and using only the best raw materials, so that the pure flavors are best preserved. His goal: always to be the best wherever quality and service are paramount. Paul has been using Primus wafer paper labels for many years. The labels offer great added value to create brand experience, and to communicate taste and variant on the products itself. Especially when you offer no less than 80 types of bread and 65 different sandwiches, which are being sold in the store and online.

Visit the website from Paul Berntsen here.

"Using own labels on our products offers many benefits. It’s pretty amazing to see your own brand on the kitchen table. If you’re proud of your craftsmanship, you’ll want to show it off!"

Paul Berntsen, Prize-winning professional baker

De Trog

De Trog is one of the largest organic bakery in Europe, and located in the town of Ypres in Belgium.

Marc Van Hoeck


Rond Brood Detrog

De Trog

Enjoy real bread

Starting out as a small baker’s shop in the late 1970s in the centre of Bruges, it has evolved into a modern artisanal bakery, employing more than 120 people. Producing a wide range of breads on a daily basis, the bakery counts bio-shops, major food services groceries and retail chains among its customers, thus reaching private end consumers in Belgium and Europe. The recipe for their delicious traditional bread: only the best organic raw materials, a traditional artisanal working method, long resting and rising times, and an enthusiastic team of expert bakers with passion and love for the job. The cooperation with Primus as partner and supplier of wafer paper labels, lasts already for over 10 years. Most labels are custom made and kept in stock by Primus for constant availability and to be able to respond quickly to new product launches and fluctuations in the market. Currently, up to 2.8 millions of daily fresh baked breads are labelled stating “De Trog” and “BIO” ensuring recognizability and offering a quality brand for consumers.

Visit the website from De Trog here.

"Using Primus wafer paper labels clearly contributes to the authentic and artisanal nature and appearance of our products. We value Primus as partner for their expertise, reliability and the high quality of products and service."

Marc Van Hoeck, COO Food Associates Group De Trog - Delisol

Lebkov & Sons

Lebkov & Sons is a Dutch chain of high quality coffee and lunch stores. Within 15 years, the company grew to five stores in four main cities, and became a well established and renowned name for a broad audience.

Gradie Akkerhuis

Lunch store

Lebkov2 Eindproduct

Lebkov & Sons

Good Food

Lebkov & Sons believes in honesty, craftsmanship and pure products. They really want to know and value the story behind all the products they work with. Most ingredients are sourced locally, and have been selected with the greatest care. Products are always fresh and home-made, based on own recipes to ensure the highest quality. All sandwiches are prepared with daily fresh, homebaked bread. Lebkov & Sons uses wafer paper labels for a recognizable personal touch, and to enhance the feeling of quality and artisanship.

Visit the website from Lebkov & Sons here.

"Edible labels are a persuasive way of reinforcing the distinctiveness of our Good Food concept."

Grardie Akkerhuis, CEO Lebkov & Sons

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