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Edible Branding

Make Your
Brand Edible

Brands are all around us. But isn’t it strange that branding often stops when a package is removed from the product? Wafer paper offers a unique opportunity to bring your brand to the table and share your values when it matters most; when people enjoy your product. While edible branding was first initiated for bread, biscuits and cakes, it is today applied as well for meatballs, turkeys, salmon, cheese, fruit, vegetables and many more products.

Girl with branded lollipop
Pie with edible branding Pie on dinner plate with edible branding

Victoria Park Pies

handmade pies

Give your product a personal touch and stay recognizable while your customers enjoy your food. In this example our customer used the labels not only for branding, but also to tell a story around the filling of the pie.

"Edible branding can give you the edge to develop a truly irresistible brand"


Paul Turken - Marketing Professor, Business School Netherlands
Meatball balls & glory with edible branding

Balls & Glory


Our labels are used to display the probably hottest meatballs of the Benelux area. Now for sale in Gent, Bruxelles, Leuven, Antwerpen and Eindhoven.

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