De aardappeleters - Vincent van Gogh

History of
wafer paper

The history of wafer paper can be traced back several centuries. Its origins are not entirely clear but we know that during the Renaissance, wafer paper was served as a dessert. It was a luxury foodstuff that only the aristocracy and upper middle class could afford. The potato is the no. 1 staple crop in the Netherlands as illustrated by Vincent van Gogh in his famous painting “the potato eaters”.

Wafer paper eucharist


In the name of
Wafer paper

Later, wafer paper was invested with religious significance, symbolizing the celebration of the Eucharist. Today Primus’ wafer paper is a product that is appreciated by all  for all citizens regardless of income, religion and appetite.

"Primus wafer paper is powered by the Dutch potato for more than 100 years now, and counting!" 


Wouter Smits - Primus

Product qualities

Potato starch


Powered by
the potato

Primus wafer paper is made from Dutch potatoes. We consider this starch to be the best source for wafer paper and rely on the consistent quality of the Dutch potato for over 100 years. It is 100% natural, vegetarian, bio-degradable and a great ingredient for many recipes around the world.  



We produce wafer paper in various qualities, sizes, shapes, colours and flavors. Both as industrial intermediates that can be further processed as finished decoration and branding solutions.

AD/RD rolls Organic Up to 1m 0.27 mm
AD/RD rolls Up to 1m 0.27 mm
AD/RD sheets Custom 0.27 mm
ADD/RDD sheets Custom 0.35 mm
DD/R6D sheets Custom 0.6/0.9 mm


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